About UHN

University Health Network (UHN) is a network of 4 major hospitals based in downtown Toronto. It has one of the largest programs in the country with over 984,987 outpatient visits and 22,981 surgical procedures in 2011. The 4 hospitals are Toronto General Hospital (TGH), Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), Toronto Western Hospital (TWH), and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI). The Division of Thoracic Surgery (DOTS) has significant activity at TGH and PMH and also provides coverage for thoracic surgical clinical care to TWH, Mount Sinai Hospital, Women’s College Hospital, and the Hospital for Sick Children (lung transplantation). For research purposes, there are 5 Research Institutes, TG Research Institute, Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI), TECHNA (Institute for the Advancement of Technology for Health), TW Research Institute, and Toronto Rehab Research Institute. DOTS plays a major role in the research programs of TGRI, OCI and TECHNA.

University Health Network
Toronto General Research Institute
Ontario Cancer Institute
Institute for the Advancement of Technology for Health