Other Programs

Medical students, trainees and practicing thoracic surgeons are all welcome to visit the Division of Thoracic Surgery at University Health Network.  Many of our observers are also interested to spend time as observers in the Toronto Lung Transplant Program.

Observership Application Process:
Our new Observer policy was launched on July 1st, 2012 here at the University Health Network.  Observers will now be required to apply for an Observership through an application process online by going to this link:  Observers.  Please direct all Observership inquiries to this webpage.  It outlines all the details that they need to complete the application process.  The Observer needs to apply 30 days prior to the start date of the Observership.

Here are the details for the Application Process for External Observers:

Please go to www.uhn.ca

Link to Health Professionals (you will see this on the LEFT side)
Click onto Observerships – you will find complete instructions of what you need to do
In “Step 2” – you will find the online tab where you will have access to the application form – please make sure to complete this as soon as possible or at least 30 days prior to the requested date of Observership.

If you have any questions – you may email Adele Pimentel our Observer Coordinator at observerships@uhn.ca


  • Health status check is a requirement of visitors staying more than 7 days.  Please ensure immunization is up to date.  Immunization records and TB skin test result must be included in application.
  • Please keep in mind that observer privileges do not include any patient care management. Patient care activities are only available to registered fellows
  • Observers are able to attend and participate in patient rounds and academic activities.